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XOMOX® was established in 1956 as the Continental Manufacturing Company. The principal product was the Tufline fluorocarbon-sleeved plug valve. The concept of the nonlubricated sleeved plug valve was developed owing to the advent of Teflon® by the E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company. XOMOX® products are manufactured to ANSI, JIS and DIN standards including a complete line of quarter-turn sleeved plug valves, ball valves, high performance butterfly valves, and lined plug and ball valves.
1/2” – 16”, 150# – 300#, Non-Lubricated Plug Valves, WCB, 316SS, A20, Duplex, Hastelloy C, Monel HF Acid Service, RF & Threaded 1/2” – 12", 150# - 300#, WCB, Ductile Iron, Lined Product: Butterfly, Ball, Plug, Wafer Check, Piston Check & Ball Check
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