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Check valves, also known as non-return or one-way valves, are designed to enable fluid to flow one way in a pipeline. In these valves, a clapper hangs from a hinge, a clapper shaft, or a pin mounted to the underside of the bonnet. The basic design of a check valve inhibits back-flow in a line. Because of their simple design, check valves generally operate without automation or human interaction and instead rely on the flow velocity of the fluid to open and close.
TOM WHEATLEY 2” – 12”, 150# – 900#, WCC, RF, 410SS, Buna, Viton, NACE, Piston Check WHEATLEY 2” – 12”, 150# – 1500#, WCC, RF, 316SS, Buna, NACE, Swing Check

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